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6:48pm on Monday, 23rd December, 2013:

Hotel Neighbourhood Vignette


Here are some photos I took outside my hotel in Tel Aviv last week.

This is a nice grafitti cat:

There's also this one:

I guess they're related.

I like the sartorial improvement added to this metal portrait:

The power distribution poles are as spaghetti-like in Tel Aviv as they are in New York:

The car on this sign is so cheery!

The people seem to have some form of constipation, however.

These are the stop signs they use in Israel:

Hmm, index finger longer than ring finger, that's unusual physiognomy.

Finally, this bird has a rather persistent caw to it:

Fortunately, it didn't do it at night. Well, either that or I couldn't hear it over the noise of the bar adjacent to the hotel.

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