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12:51pm on Saturday, 22nd June, 2013:

So Far


I was about to start brushing my teeth this morning when my nose started to bleed. Thinking back, drips of blood splatting onto wet porcelain give quite a pretty result, although I wasn't being quite so objective about it at the time.

We waited in the rain for our first bus, which arrived 5 minutes late. It still got us to the train station in time for the second bus, which left from a minor layby rather than the main line of stops and took 110 minutes to make the 45-minutes-by-car journey, as opposed to the 60 minutes buses normally take. I don't think I'll be using their services again, although we did get a nice trip through a wet rural Essex in the company of many random pensioners.

We went by bus because we're flying back to Gatwick instead of Stansted, a consequence of booking our holiday rather later than would be ideal (or perhaps merely a feature of EasyJet's scheduling). We seem to be sharing the aircraft (which is where I'm typing this) with about 20 members of the England Schools Athletic team, so I guess I should be trying to memorise their faces in case any of them become famous. The girls' team already knows what I look like, or at least they will when they look at me waving in the background of the group photo they took).

I'm ravenously hungry, but refuse to buy any of the over-priced food on offer here on the basis that to do so only encourages EasyJet. If I can't bear it any longer, I can always blow my nose to make it bleed, then swallow the blood for a nutritious drink.

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