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5:35pm on Tuesday, 22nd January, 2013:

The Hard Part


I keep being approached by good students in their final year as an undergraduate who are looking to do PhDs. Assuming they will achieve at least an upper second class degree, here's what I tell them are their funding options.

1) If you are rich, no problem. You just need to find a supervisor.
2) You can apply for a departmental grant. We don't have any in our department but other departments might. They'll give them to their own undergraduates.
3) You can apply for a university grant. We do have these at Essex but they usually go to students from overseas countries where there are funding difficulties.
4) If a lecturer has recently got a grant and is looking for a research assistant, you may be able to get the job. You will end up working in an area that doesn't necessarily interest you, but at least you'll get a PhD at the end.
5) You can apply for sponsorship from industry. The computer games industry doesn't do such sponsorship.
6) You can apply to a bank for a self-improvement loan. They won't offer you enough to cover a PhD, given the student loan you already have.

This explains why only a handful of our PhD students are British and why only one (as far as I know) is doing games.

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