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8:02am on Friday, 21st June, 2013:

Congress Pics


Here are four pictures from the Gamification World Congress yesterday.

This shows one of the disadvantages of holding a conference in a cinema:

Those poor passers-by...

One of the talks concerned an orchestrated battle between two 1970s-era items of confectionary that the manufacturer of both, Bimbo (really), used to interested a younger generation in them. I'd never had Pink Panther or Tigreton before, so got one of each from the free supplies at the coffee break:

For the record, I prefer Pantera Rosa, but to be honest I won't be rushing to the shop to buy another.

One of the talks concerned a charity that gives reconditioned consoles to children in hospitals who are being treated for cancer, which is an eminently worthy cause. They've given over a thousand of them so far. They have a celebrity sponsor in the form of the Man in Black, who's a bit like a Spnaish version of Rolf Harris except without the allegations of sexual abuse. What the Man in Black does is slap paint on a few boxes then stack them up so you can see what he was really painting. Here's what he did for us whiel he explained some of the charity's success stories:

I'd have been slightly more impressed if I hadn't seen from my front-row vantage point that there were pencil marks on the boxes so he had knew where to slap the paint.

Finally, I wouldn't normally criticise the spelling of English words by someone for whom English wasn't their first language, on the basis that my spelling in their language is undoubtedly worse, but there are two reasons I'm showing this slide that someone used. The first reason is that he knocked points off students who didn't spell properly, so ought to be adding some points to their scores for this:

The second reason is that the mis-spelling of "course" there could just be a giant Freudian slip.

I know I said four pictures, but while I was typing this two open-topped buses of half-naked people drove past the hotel.

That's not something you see every day, at least not in England (Madrid may be different).

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