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4:35pm on Thursday, 21st February, 2013:

Suffering for Image


It's freeeezing cold outside today, so much so that my dentist (just a check-up, nothing wrong) complained it felt worse than the time she lived in Sweden when a metre of snow well overnight and it was minus 27 Celsius the next morning. I certainly didn't enjoy the walk to the garage where my car was being serviced (just a check-up, nothing wrong), even though I was walking faster than the traffic was flowing in order to warm up.

I say this because it means that the drivers of the three white vans I strode past that had their windows down were enduring ice-cold air that they could easily have avoided. However, they chose to keep their windows open in order to share their thumpingly loud choice of radio station with the rest of us. There's dedication, but if you have an image of coolness and individuality to protect then you have to make sacrifices.

Hmm. Cool was freezing cold and individuality might have been better expressed if the driver of each van hadn't been listening to the same radio station.

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