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4:25pm on Thursday, 19th September, 2013:

Tax Relief


I finally steeled myself to fill in my 2011-2012 income tax return today. I did it online, which wasn't too bad once I managed to navigate to the form itself.

I don't like filling in tax forms, in case I make a mistake and get a backdated bill for £10,000. It's not all that great if HMRC make the mistake and I get a backdated bill for £10,000, either (which has happened in the past), but I think I'm relatively safe this time.

The only area where I'm unsure is with foreign income. The form had some freeform input for this section instead of a table were you just put in numbers or whatever. I filled it in and it said I didn't need to fill in the foreign earnings tax. I was hoping for some tax back in having overpaid foreign taxes, but it didn't trigger on that. Oh well, I'd rather lose a few quid than fill it in wrongly and be imprisoned for attempted fraud.

You can tell I'm glad to have got this over with, right?

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