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8:53pm on Wednesday, 19th June, 2013:

In Madrid


I'm now safely booked into my hotel in Madrid. I have a room with a wide window overlooking the Gran Vía, which has a pretty impressive view. It has pretty impressive noise, too, and curtains about a foot less wide than the window. I suspect I shall not need the help of my alarm clock to wake up tomorrow morning...

Madrid airport is much larger than I remember it, and was almost deserted. Heathrow at 5:30am last week was far busier. Madrid itself is busy, though, as are most Spanish cities in the evening. Spain is on Central European Time, but has Greenwish Mean Time longitude; as a result, everything happens an hour later than it would anywhere else in the Central European Time zone. This means I can wander outside at 9pm and find plenty of restaurants with spare tables and shops still open.

The hotel has no free Internet, but I expect the conference will tomorrow. It's weird how hotels have either free wireless or extortionate wireless, with nothing in between.

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