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11:39am on Thursday, 18th April, 2013:

Surprising Respect


Because my wife works on a street adjacent to Fleet Street in London, yesterday she and the rest of her office popped outside at around 10:30 to watch Margaret Thatcher's funeral procession go past. Many other offices did the same, so the streets were quite crowded.

People were applauding politely as the coffin went past, mainly those who had been waiting for it rather than those who had bunked off work for half an hour to watch the spectacle. However, there was a group of protestors a little further along and when the coffin got close they started to jeer.

Immediately, pretty well everyone else in the crowd nearby started applauding loudly to drown them out. According to my wife, it was an amazing reaction, very impressive; the protestors didn't stand a chance of being heard.

The British population in general may not have had much love for Thatcher when she was alive, but if there's one thing that people here can't stand it's impoliteness.

Oh, for the record, like Lady Thatcher I don't want a state funeral myself when I die; a ceremonial funeral with full military honours will be sufficient for me, too. My wife says she does wants a state funeral, though, so I'd better make a note of that.

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