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9:22am on Thursday, 15th August, 2013:

Out of Ability


I maxed out my character in The Secret World last night, in the sense that I no longer have anything I can spend ability points on. (For TSW geeks, this means I have the Panoptic Core reward and 100% of the auxillary weapons wheel too). All I can do now is run the same three instances repeatedly in order to obtain the currency I need to buy the gear that will enable me to run the other three instances repeatedly. I won't get into a raid, as the qualification demanded by raid organisers is that you've already done it. Working up an alt is pointless as the way TSW's skill system works, I can do anything with my main that I could do with an alt anyway (something I approve of, by the way).

I player TSW for 2 months last summer and have played it for 2 months this summer. That seems rather a short time to have been able to max out my character. That's one of the things about TSW, though: it's small in comparison to other MMOs. It's very atmospheric, though, with the quality of the writing being particularly high. As I've said before, it's a real gem of a game.

I think I'll stick around for awhile, chasing after some of the lore objects I've yet to find, but it can take an hour or more to get into a group and I'm never going to reach the endgame anyway. I expect I'll eventually succumb to the lure of Europa Universalis IV and leave the game.

Unlike the case with most other MMOs I play, though, with TSW I'm almost certain to come back.

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