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11:23am on Saturday, 15th June, 2013:



The Queen's Birthday Honours List includes a knighthood for Professor Nigel Shadbolt of Southampton University. This is great news: I'm very much in favour of recognition for people who research Artificial Intelligence, which was almost extinguished in the UK in the 1970s following an unfavourable report.

Nigel was one of the examiners for my PhD, and it was at his behest that I removed an entire chapter from it. I got on well with him, and regretted having earlier turned down a post at Nottingham University (where he was based at the time), There were two factors against it, though: my wife would have had to give up her job to move there; they didn't let people play on their computers.

I guess if I wanted honours myself, I made the wrong decision in the late 1980s to move out of academia and into game development. There's no danger of anyone in the games industry getting a knighthood any time soon (Ian Livingstone would be Lord Livingstone if he'd made films instead of games, and David Braben is only likely to be honoured for his work with the Raspberry Pi, not for his games industry service).

Oh well, as games are now, so once was AI. There's hope.

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