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7:05pm on Sunday, 13th January, 2013:



I went to my mother's today for my traditional birthday visit.

My mother always, always provides way too much food. She's a good cook, but she used to work in school meals and can only prepare food in units of ten. There is always enough to feed 10 people, even when there are only five present. I guess if there were 10 present she'd make enough for 20, just in case. Inevitably, there's always lots left over, much of which we have to take home to eat over the weeks following.

Many years ago, I realised I was going to be overfed so skipped breakfast. This worked fine until I told her, whereupon she started putting even more on my plate to make up for the fact that I'd missed breakfast.

I think I'll be missing breakfast tomorrow, too, but shan't be telling her that...

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