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2:45pm on Monday, 12th August, 2013:



I've been looking at getting some physical copies of my Lizzie Lott's Sovereign ebook made, on the grounds that some people don't have a Kindle and wish to store carbon captured from the atomosphere in the form of trees. Amazon's CreateSpace system looks pretty good and I've got pretty far with it. The trouble is, it requires that I have a US Tax Identification Number so that I can be taxed on US sales. I'm not sure why regular Amazon doesn't insist I have one of those, but hey, that's tax laws for you.

So, I followed the links on what to do, as far as the one that took me to a non-existent page. I wrote an email to CreateSpace informing them about their missing help file and asking them if in the meantime I could restrict distribution so that the book couldn't be sold in the USA and therefore I wouldn't need a TIN. I followed the instructions they gave me:

1. Log in to your CreateSpace Member Account at http://www.createspace.com/Login.jsp

2. From your Member Dashboard, click on the name of your title

3. Click "Channels" in your Project Homepage, under the "Distribute" tab.

4. Hover your cursor over the arrow corresponding to the channel you wish to disable, click "Deselect".
Couldn't do.

It came up with a pop-up: "Missing Royalty Payment Profile. Before setting up any sales channels, you must specify where we should send your royalty payments and how you prefer to be paid.".

So I need to set up a US royalty payment profile in order to cancel the US distribution that I don't want because I don't have a US royalty payment profile.

That seems a little unfortunate.

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