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2:40pm on Tuesday, 12th February, 2013:

Bin Day


Old Yorkshire dialect joke:
Grandson: Where's the bin?
Grandfather: I've bin to the shops, why?

The university has decided to improve its "commitment to recycling" by removing bins from offices. This means that if I want to throw away a piece of paper I have to leave my office and walk to the end of the corridor where there's a bank of bins. The round trip is 50 paces, which isn't all that far (although I have to lock my door so students can't sneak in and look for examination questions on my PC); it is, however, inconvenient. I'm going to have to make that trip several times a day, mainly for paper, disposable cups and chocolate bar wrappers (er, that's the secret code I used to mean the healthy nuts and berries I snack on).

I could, of course, keep a plastic bag in my office and dump the lot in the recycling bins when I go home. In other words, I could buy my own office bin and empty it myself.

What amazes me about this kind of thing is that the people who implement such policies think we're not bright enough to see their ulterior motives. This is a university: the people here are often quite clever. This "recycling effort" isn't to do with social responsibility, it's to do with cutting down on the number of cleaners. If cleaners don't have to empty bins, they can service more rooms; therefore, we don't need so many of them (or the ones we have aren't needed for so many hours).

If the university takes the bins out of lecture rooms, though, we're in trouble. I can't see students carrying around their rubbish all day in order to dispose of it carefully at home...

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