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11:01am on Sunday, 10th March, 2013:



I'm old school when it comes to the days that seasons start and end. I don't hold with any of this "winter is December, January and February" nonsense: for me, winter is December 21st to is March 20th.

OK, so I concede that things are probably different south of the equator, and I can see where people who go with the shortest day/equinox pairing are coming from, but if you're going to be arbitrary about dates, you have to be properly arbitrary about them. Mid-summer's day is the first day of summer, not some day in the middle of it: that's the whole joyous point of it.

According to the TV weather forecasters, it's been spring for 10 days. When I got up this morning, however, it was snowing. It's still snowing.


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