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3:26pm on Sunday, 9th June, 2013:

Top Prices


Because I spent most of today wandering around in humid conditions and high tempertures, my shirt was rather, er, soggy by the time I got to the airport. I'd already foreseen that I may need to change my shirt if it got hot, so had packed a spare; regrettably, though, I'd used it on the first day. I wasn't worried, though, because I knew there would be plenty of T-shirt shops at the airport and I could buy something there to change into.


Well there are plenty of shops selling T-shirts. Many of them will even fit someone my size. It's not hard to find them. What is hard is finding one that costs less than HK$1,200 (which, using my rule-of-thumb conversion rate, is about £120). The Disney shop had some for about £25, but I didn't want to travel on the train home with Winnie the Pooh emblazoned on my stomach. There were some Hong Kong souvenirs that were around £20 but which Iwould have had to have been paid to wear. I eventually found a plain red T-shirt in some shop that was selling them as part of a deal (if I bought 4 more, I'd get £10 off!).

Hmm. Maybe I shouod have gone for a different colour, given what happens to the werers of red shirts in Star Trek.

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