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4:43pm on Monday, 7th January, 2013:

Masterpieces of Modern Engraving


For one of my ongoing projects, I bought a book of engravings from (why not?) 1869.

Here's an example:

As you can see, the book lives up to its title, Chefs d'Oeuvre de la Gravure Moderne ("Masterpieces of Modern Engraving", the definition of Moderne being somewhat generous).

When I bought it on eBay, I was quite pleased. I still am — it has over 60 plates in it. Unfortunately, it's a little larger than I was expecting:

That random credit card in the bottom-left corner there is for scale. It's not quite the sub-A5 size I had in mind.

I suspect my wife may not be overjoyed to find it hiding in my office...

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