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8:22am on Wednesday, 5th June, 2013:



I'm off to Hong Kong today, where I'll be speaking at the New Directions in the Development of Creative and Media Industries international conference. I was hoping to go on to Shanghai afterwards, but the conference there was cancelled because of bird 'flu. As usual, I'll be updating QBlog on my laptop but not necessarily on the web site — it depends how ruinously expensive Internet access is.

This is a busy travelling month for me. After Hong Kong, I'm at home for a week then I go to Spain, then immediately upon my return I go to Prague on holiday, then immediately upon my return from that I go to the USA to do some consultancy (can't say where, I'm under NDA, sorry). The Madrid/Prague/USA stretch is really going to stress my wardrobe as I don't know that I have enough clothes to cover them all.

Hmm, perhaps in the week I'm back I'll pay a visit to Marks & Spencer and bolster my underwear supplies...

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