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2:18pm on Saturday, 5th January, 2013:

A Road is Coming


According to the Holderness Gazette, 2013 looks as if it could be the end of an era for my home town, Hornsea. It's the largest town in Britain that doesn't have an A-class road going to it (the nearest one is 7 miles away); and the only actual formal town in England that doesn't have one.

However, it appears that this distinction is about to come to an end. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has apparently agreed to upgrade the road to Leven to A-class designation. This will involve putting in some cat's eyes and changing the signs so they say Awhatever instead of B1244. It should also mean that the flooding at the bottom of the hill outside Catwick, which follows heavy rain, should be sorted out; I don't suppose that will actually happen, though. Also, the road goes through Seaton in a series of right-angled bends that aren't really what you would expect from an A-classified thoroughfare.

It'll be the end of an era.

The other main headline in the Holderness Gazette was that a man who once lived in Hornsea has got an MBE for services to road transport in Lincolnshire. I guess we'll need to update the town's Wikipedia entry.

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