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11:41am on Wednesday, 2nd January, 2013:

Incredibly Rude


I've just got back from the local shop. It's not all that far, so I walked there in order to shed all the weight I've put on over Christmas.

Inside, it was quite busy. However, they were short of staff: some people were still on holiday and most of the rest were helping to aload a lorry that had just arrived with fresh stock. As I waited in line for the post office section, I walked past a man in his 60s who was berating the store manager over the presence of condensed water on the side of the carton of milk he was intending to purchase. Yes...

After the post office, I picked up some sundry groceries and joined the queue for the main shop to pay for those. There was only one till open, but line was quite long. I'd heard the guy who was serving ring for someone else to come and help him, and while I was waiting another lad appeared.

The customer in front of me was the man I'd seen earlier with the carton of milk and inadequate knowledge of how condensation works. It was now his turn.

The new till attendant asked the existing one if he had a security key, because he thought he didn't have one. His colleague said that no, he did have one, and reached to get it while he was still serving the old man. The man took umbridge at this.

"Shouldn't you be serving me?" he stated, rather than asked.

"We just need to open the second till", said the person serving him. He wasn't actually holding the man up in any way, he was still taking his money and giving his change.

"Well I think that's incredibly rude", said the man, who had finished his transaction but declined to leave. "You should put your customers first."

Rather than argue with him, the guy on the till said nothing. The man, sensing victory, turned and began to leave.

The till guy called me over. "I'm sorry about that", he said.

"That's fine", I said, loudly. "I thought it incredibly rude for the previous customer to make us all wait to complain about you doing your job."

The people in the queue behind me liked it, anyway.

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