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1:34pm on Thursday, 28th June, 2012:

Game of Game of Thrones


I saw an ad recently for CrusaderKings II: Sword of Islam. I didn't really get along with Crusader Kings, so I wasn't planning on buying this; however, the ad mentioned that there was a Game of Thrones mod, "A total conversion that transforms the game into a lovingly-crafted Westeros, with correctly named nobles and everything. Stunning. We love you, PC gaming community!". Hmm. Actually, I might buy it if there's a GoT mod, that sounds as if it could be worth playing.

Just a moment, though.

Paradox doesn't have a Game of Thrones licence as far as I know. This is an unsanctioned mod made by Crusader Kings II players. IP holders tend to look the other way when it comes to this kind of thing, because experience has taught them that swatting some of their greatest fans does not go down well among their fan base in general. However, in this instance the mod sounds good enough that it could actually sell some product that would otherwise not have been sold, namely Crusader Kings II. So do the IP holders step in and demand a cut, or do theysimply gnash their teeth because they're damned either way?

"We love you, PC gaming community!". Yes, I bet you do — they've given you a major IP for free!

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