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2:53pm on Tuesday, 28th February, 2012:

Clean Jacket


I switched jackets today, the one I was wearing last week having acquired some kind of lemon syrup stain on the sleeve that looked like a snail had crawled over it. I decided that for a change I'd wear the grey corduroy jacket I bought in the USA a few years ago, on the grounds that I ate so much at Christmas that it'll probably fit me now.

Grey jacket, black trousers, plum shirt: yes, that's the kind of lack of colour co-ordination that professors espouse so people can tell we're academics.

Anyway, it's a while since I last wore this particular jacket and I've had it cleaned since then. I found this label on the hanger:

Close inspection located a small, light brown patch near one of the buttons where I probably spilled something once. It wasn't really noticeable, though, so I put on the jacket at went to work. It was only some time later that I found to my horror that there were two labels pinned to the back of the jacket as well, which were dangling in the breeze:

Oh well, there were probably only 30 or 40 people who saw them before I did.

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