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7:00pm on Saturday, 28th January, 2012:

M25 Driving


I've just got back from Brighton, where I went today so my daughter could look round Brighton University's Pharmacy department. The trip back took about two hours, which is roughly how long it's supposed to take if you stick to the speed limit.

Contrast this with my trip back from Cardiff yesterday. It took me 4 hours to get to Cardiff, but 5½ hours to get back. This was due to the section of the M25 between Heathrow (M4) and South Mimms (A1), which entirely accounted for the 90-minute delay. Although it did have some roadworks, it was still three lanes wide; the problem was what I believe is officially termed "sheer weight of traffic".

The M25 may be one road, but the driving experience is different depending on which direction you're going at which time on which day. If I find myself near Heathrow on a Friday at 5pm again, I'll drive 40 miles further and head anti-clockwise rather than go clockwise and sit in a lien of traffic that moves barely faster than I can walk.

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