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12:24pm on Sunday, 26th August, 2012:

Honoured to Win


There's a call at the moment for the government to honour the UK athletes who won gold medals at the Olympics. "Honour" here means rewarding them with OBEs and knighthoods.

Given that these people already have honours (their medals) it's my view that a better solution would be to allow them to put letters after their name to reflect this, say OGM for Olympic Gold Medalist, plus OSM and OBM. I guess they could get a knighthood at the end of a long and distinguished career, but not before: Chris Hoy should perhaps have been knighted this time round, but it was premature to knight him after Beijing. Also, automatic honours-for-golds sounds fine when there are only 19 golds, but less fine when there are 29; it sounds even worse when you add in 42 paralympic golds last time round and more expected in September.

Meanwhile, Peter Higgs, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins don't have knighthoods. Sorry, guys, it seems Britain has no need for the likes of you as role models.

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