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4:22pm on Sunday, 25th March, 2012:

Not Convenient


I have two sets of assignments to mark. One set (CE317) has 44 students and will take me 90 minutes each; the other set (CE217) has 26 students and will take me 150 minutes each. I'm supposed to have all the marks for both in within 2 weeks; I doubt I'll even be able to start CE217 within 2 weeks. My Easter break is pretty well tied up.

Today, I was planning on marking some of the CE317 assignments. Unfortunately, yesterday I received an email telling me I was supposed to have reviewed 6 papers for a conference by the day before yesterday. I had told the conference organisers that I didn't want to be a part of their reviewing process any more, after they sent me some papers for a sister conference completely out of my field to review last year. However, they seemed to have ignored that so this morning I reviewed the papers. I was done by 2pm.

I then had to book our holiday for this year. It shouldn't have taken very long, but it took 2 hours because the web site didn't have all the information I needed so I had to check other web sites. I also had to get my wife's approval for my choices, which were delayed as she was proof-reading something my daughter had written that has to be handed in tomorrow. When I finally had it all lined up, I clicked "book now", entered my credit card details, clicked "pay", and only then was told that the "Air City you have chosen is waitlisted". Basically, I couldn't fly out of Gatwick, I had to fly out of Newcastle or Manchester or Cardiff or some other provincial airport 200 miles from where I live. Oh, and I had to start the booking process all over again, right from choosing the destination.

So, that'll be a different holiday we'll be going on, then.

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