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7:40pm on Tuesday, 23rd October, 2012:

A Cut above the Rest


Whenever I eat in a canteen or other day-to-day restaurant, I don't have tremendous faith in the meat. I don't mean that I think it's off, it's just that I expect it will be tough, or fatty, or contain sheets of gristle, or surprise me in other alarming ways. This has always been the case, since school meals when I was a kid. Some bits of meat would be OK, but some would contain knife-resistant threads of sinew or inch-long veins. It was (sometimes literally) pot luck.

This is why I'm a little unnerved by what seems to have happened at the Square 3 restaurant at the university. For the past few times I've eaten meat stuff there, it's been 100% edible. I had a hotpot today and the potato slices on the top were the toughest part of it. It was really good. They must have got a new cook in there who knows how to prepare meat. I realise it's unlikely to last, but while it does, well, I'm far more likely to choose meat dish if I can guarantee that I won't be leaving 75% of it on the side of my plate.

I wish they didn't put mushroom in with everything, though...

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