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1:02pm on Saturday, 23rd June, 2012:

Whole Shopping Scan


I was pulled over at the Sainsbury's Scan & Go till today for a "random" rescan of my entire six bags of shopping. Last time this happened was back in October, and they haven't improved the experience since then. Again, it was triggered by something that needed a security tag taking off it. Again, all my bags were emptied and repacked in the wrong order such that I needed more bags than I actually had. Also again, and worst of all, there was no indication as to whether my own scan was correct or not.

This latter point is particularly annoying because the scanner itself does keep a running total. I could, if I wanted, read this total before placing the scanner in the reader and then compare it with the result of the rescan. However, I'd have to do that every single shop, just in case I got pulled out for a rescan. I don't like this kind of memory game mechanic: they should just tell me whether I scanned right or not, rather than force me to make redundant notes 39 times out of 40.

Talking of game mechanics, if they really want people not to think they're petty jerks who don't trust your honesty, Sainsbury's might perhaps like to reward people if their rescans come out right. They have these Nectre Points they give out like confetti, they could hand over some of those. Better still, they could hand over an actual £5 off voucher. Of course, it's possible that they do do this and I don't know because my rescans have discovered discrepencies.

Not that I just came back from a Gamification conference or anything.

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