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8:38pm on Monday, 23rd January, 2012:

Old Business


I found a handful of my old business cards today. I don't know how old they are, but they have my email address as 76703.3042@compuserve.com . They're in pristine, good-as-new condition (unlike most of the cards I carry with me), the reason being that they're laminated. This gives them a really nice, thick feel but is quite unusual — I used to get complimented a lot about them back in the day. To be honest, though, this would have felt a lot better if I'd deliberately ordered them to be laminated instead of just ordering them and getting them back to find oh, they're laminated.

I used to joke that the reason I got them laminated was so people couldn't rip them up in front of my face while snarling menacingly. They're fairly hard-wearing as business cards go, not that this will save them when I bin them.

Hmm, I wonder if they recycle as paper or as plastic?

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