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1:42pm on Friday, 21st September, 2012:

A Close Shave


My electric razor kept cutting out on me while I was on holiday, so I decided it had abused its position of trust. On the last day, I therefore binned it rather than take it home. My suitcase was jammed full, so taking a useless piece of recalcitrant grooming equipment with me was pointless. I'd stick with wet shaves when I got back to the UK until I could find a replacement.

Unfortuantely, my daughter had a cold for part of the holiday and I caught it. I get bad colds. When I say bad, I mean this bad. I get sores and scabs and dead skin on my upper lip, philtrum and the sides of my nose. I usually try not to shave when I have a cold because having some stubble there alleviates the damage a bit. If I'm going anywhere, though, I do have to shave, so I use my electric razor. If I use a bladed razor, it catches...

I went to Sainsbury's on Tuesday with every intention of buying a new electric razor, however it didn't make it to the shopping list so I didn't look for one. I was back at the car when I remembered I was supposed to have bought one. Oh well, I knew I'd be going again later in the week, so no hurry.

Today was later in the week. Today was when I did put "shaver" on the shopping list, only to discover that Sainsbury's selection consisted of either Phillips razors with the rotary heads that I don't like or Braun razors with the straight heads I do like but that they only had two models of at £69.99 and £199.99 respectively. I was expecting to pay more like £40. I don't want to spend the same amount on a razor as I would on a video card.

I therefore went home, scouted around the ol' Internet, and found a £39.99 Wahl Ultima 7200 on Amazon that had good reviews, so I ordered that. I've never heard of Wahl before, but they probably haven't heard of me either so we're even.

However, having not shaved since Monday and needing to look vaguely presentable in case we go out for a meal tonight (it's my younger daughter's last day at home before she goes to university tomorrow), I still needed a shave. I did used to have an old, backup razor but I took it to pieces because I wanted the motor inside it. I was going to have to have a wet shave and give my whiskers the five-blade treatment. Unfortunately, this also meant I would be giving the same treatment to several pieces of dead or dying skin in various states of unpleasantness.

Oh well, I decided to go for it.

You know how when you write a lot in pencil and then rub it out, you get all those little pieces of eraser laying around on the paper? That's my face right now.

I'm sure it'll all grow back just fine in a few days.

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