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5:55pm on Tuesday, 21st August, 2012:

Passed in Theory


My younger daughter had her driving theory test today. As an act of solidarity, I decided to try it too using one of the official online sample tests.

The pass mark is 43 out of 50; I got 45. The ones I got wrong were: not knowing what I was supposed to be looking in my right mirror for on a right turn; not knowing you have to be 21 to supervise a learner driver (I thought it was 18); not knowing how to brake in a situation where I wouldn't have braked at all; two questions where I would have chosen the correct answer if I'd been reflecting what I actually would have done, but for which I went with what the Highway Code said I should do instead, only it seems to have changed since I learned to drive in the 1980s...

So, not too bad. It's worth trying the test, if only to see some of the stupidly easy questions it asks (or rather the multi-choice answers it ptoposes).

Oh, and my daughter passed with a mark of 46. Grr...

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