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6:45pm on Saturday, 20th October, 2012:



Today's Guardian had another one of its reader-pleasing articles today, in which it once again advocated compulsory quotas for women in the board rooms of top UK companies.

I can't help thinking that the reason there aren't more women in FTSE 100 company boardrooms has more to do with the fact that fewer girls than boys go to top independent schools than it has to do with outdated attitudes among company executives. If politicians really want to improve the social balance of boardrooms, focusing on the background and education of members would yield better results than simply replacing a posh man with a posh woman. Come to that, national newspapers themselves ought to do more about recruiting people who went to state schools, given that over half their journalists didn't.

Blimey, people are supposed to get more conservative as they get older, yet here I am ranting about the class system...

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