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1:28pm on Saturday, 18th February, 2012:

Hamburge Vignette


It's been over a week since I got back from Hamburg, and I've finally got around to looking at the photos I took.

Here's the first one: Hamburg at night, as seen from my hotel room.

It's not of anything in particular, I'm only mentioning this because it's the first time ever for me that one of those "city at night" pictures has ever come out clear.

This is the same general view in daylight:

Hmm, that building there does look imposing enough to be important, come to think of it.

The bendy buses in Hamburg have two articulations, not just one:

You can get away with that kind of road train when you have long, wide, straight streets and a population that doesn't loathe them.

This was on display at one of the booths at the show at which I was speaking:

Looks a bit like Billy the Fish out of Viz.

Casual Connect wasn't the only major event going on in the Congress Centre Hamburg while I was there, no siree:

One of the popular and more pleasant views of Hamburg is of the old town across the Binnenalster. Unfortunately, this lake was a block of ice when I was there:

The ice grafitti makes it a pleasant view in a different way.

I was rather surprised to see this display in the window of a large book shop:

See that little blue model there on the white block?

The right hand waves...

This is the town hall:

Well worth taking a photograph while waiting for all the shops to open at 10am precisely.

This statue is near the town hall:

Here's a close-up of the head:

If ever I thought I was in any danger of having a statue erected to me, I think I'd organise my hair into spikes, to stop pigeons from using it as a lavatory.

I like the look of this building from the outside:

I've no idea how that spiral staircase would work on the inside, though.

This shop's options for expanding into the English-speaking world are limited:

The Occupy Hamburg protest was fairly feeble:

Perhaps the fact that it was -10C had something to do with it.

The icicles hanging off this sign are impressive:

I would have stood underneath them until one fell and injured me, so I could sue, but given how cold it was I'd probably still be standing there today if I'd tried it.

Hamburg has many, many bridges over many, many waterways. Except, as it was so cold, the water wasn't moving:

Carrying a crane on a barge must have seemed quite a good idea until the barge got frozen into ice.

As with most tourist destination cities, Hamburg goes out of its way to make its picturesque buildings look as though they will be really pretty next time you visit when all the reconstruction work is completed:

Finally, I discovered that unlike Colchester, Hamburg has a specialist games shop:

Yay! Not as yay as if it had been open at 10:30am, but still yay.

So that's Hamburg.

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