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4:37pm on Tuesday, 17th July, 2012:

Old Southend


My dad gave my younger daughter a dozen or so jigsaw puzzles over Christmas, and she's started to do them. Here's one she recently finished of Southend High Street:

It's of a painting signed "Root 1997". Given that it's a scene from the 1950s, that date seems a little out of line with the subject material.

Still, a quick trip to the Internet and voila:

It's pretty much the same, but there are some differences. It's missing a car, the bus isn't heading straight, the writing on the bus and the bridge is different, there's a red truck and a train there, the man on the bike has moved, the two men and two women crossing the road are now one man and one woman, the man on the kerb is now under the awning, there are other people missing — oh, and it's raining.

So, the puzzle picture is probably "inspired by" the photo (or a series of them).

It's really well-painted, though.

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