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12:19pm on Friday, 16th November, 2012:

Best Laid Plans


I've just downloaded the 45 Lua assignments for CE317 that I have to mark within the next two weeks.

I was planning this time to do something a little different and create a sound file of my comments, rather than just hand back text. This means that students will understand the tone of my remarks and not read everything as if it were bitter criticism. It may also register with them that it is actually feedback, so when they fill in the form at the end of the year that asks what feedback they got, the hour or more I've spent marking each assignment won't be reduced to "none".

So, I got out my mic-enabled headphones, set up Audacity to record, cranked up SciTE in Lua mode, and some workmen in the street started digging up the road with pneumatic drills.

Perhaps I should just do it the old-fashioned way?

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