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9:12pm on Thursday, 16th August, 2012:

13 Hours Later


My younger daughter picked up her A-level results at 7am this morning. She missed the A grade in Chemistry she wanted by one mark, which meant her first choice university (East Anglia) was not obliged to accept her. She still had her insurance offer (Hertfordshire), but was hoping for UEA because she really liked the place. She had to wait, though, for her application to be reviewed.

I must have clicked the refresh button on the UCAS web site over two hundred times today and logged in perhaps ten or fifteen. It disappeared, it came back, it disappeared again, around five or six times, then finally it came back with the clearing functionality added and was hit so hard I couldn't even log in.

Still, I thought I'd check later, and just now saw this:

Amazing! Normally when she's made to hold out a forlorn hope for an extended period, it's dashed. I guess this must balance all that out.

I'll make her join a student sport society when she's there: UEA is Essex University's local sporting rival so we have a derby day every year and she can come visit while the might of our sporting heroes thrash UEA's.

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