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12:37pm on Saturday, 16th June, 2012:



The results of the Student Assessment of Courses are out for the academic year just ending, and my two modules have slumped in the ratings. Normally, they're both top 5, but this time round CE217 has slipped to 14 and CE317 to 36 (which is in the bottom half). I was particularly demoralised by CE317: I knew I'd picked up a bunch of students who were only doing it because they didn't want to do a much harder, mathematically-based module, but I wasn't expecting to be judged badly on some of the areas where I know the module is strong. In particular, here are the responses to do with feedback:

Apparently, going through assignments line-by-line and providing detailed comments is not really all that helpful. I may as well spend a quarter of the time on it that I do. I could probably just give a straight percentage, with no feedback beyond that, and come out only slightly worse. I'm thinking that in future I might have to restrict CE317 to students who have done CE217 only, then at least I won't get it packed with students who are looking for an easy way out of doing hard work, who then punish me for not giving them easy enough assignments.

This set of responses also shows the attitude some students had to filling in the form:

41% of them commented on the support and guidance provided by Graduate Lab Assistants, despite the fact that CE317 has no GLAs.

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