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3:51pm on Thursday, 16th February, 2012:

Odd Behavious


So, it's around 7pm and I'm driving to the station to pick up my wife. Outside the local shop, at a pedestrian crossing, a young man and a young woman are standing. On the road next to the kerb is a 2-litre bottle of Coca-Cola. He has his foot on it, his leg positioned such that it looks as if he's planning on rolling it out into the road. I approach in the car and slow down because it's a pedestrian crossing and you have to stop at those. She says something to him, but he ignores her and hastily waves me on. I drive on, but see she has her hands on her hips shouting at him, then she starts pummelling him with the base of her fists. He puts his arm up to deflect the blows but isn't hitting back. She looks angry, he's not laughing.

What was going on there?

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