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3:41pm on Sunday, 15th July, 2012:

An Experiment


Because the world in general has stopped buying copies of my young adult Kindle book, I decided to try out the "give it away for free we'll give you a share of a $600,000 pot" promotion Amazon has going. You're allowed to give your book away for free for five days, so I experimented doing it for two days, last weekend.

The result: I sold (for free) another 198 copies. This would seem to suggest that people will choose it over similar books if they get to see it. I merely have to figure out some way of getting them to see it that doesn't involve giving it away for free.

I wonder what effect the new EU ruling on being able to sell on digital goods once you've finished with them will have on this? That's 198 people who could sell on a copy of my book for less than the Amazon minimum but still more than they paid for it.

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