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7:29pm on Sunday, 15th January, 2012:

British Made


I was at my mother's today for a late birthday meal. I'd taken the precaution of not having breakfast, knowing that she would prepare enough food for 10 people instead of the 5 of us present; however, anticipating this, she made enough for 15. I'm fit to burst.

Anyway, one of the things she pulled out to show my wife was the name tag I'd had in hospital when I was a baby. Back then, they made the tags out of little blocks of letters and threaded them onto a piece of elastic. She's kept them in a matchbox ever since:

These days, they wouldn't be allowed within three metres of a child because they'd be regarded as a choking hazard. Instead, they put bands round their wrists and ankles that have to be cut off, like when you go to a theme park. Not that this stopped my elder daughter from removing both of them when she was in hospital...

The matchbox says: "British Made", which I've always thought was a nice touch.

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