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5:58pm on Sunday, 14th October, 2012:

Three Observations


From today's Observer:

What? I'd have thought culling mindless badgers was a great idea! Who wants mindless badgers roaming the countryside? They're practically zombies!

From today's Observer:

Ho boy did those would-be students ever waste their money. They think we actually read their personal statements!

From today's Observer:

A "merchant working in London's steelyards"? Really?

OK, so Holbein painted a series of portraits of merchants of the Hanseatic League in 1532 and 1533. The merchants were so impressed with these that they commissioned two allegorical paintings from him for their hall (both of which were later destroyed in a fire). The article here mentions that this is one of only seven surviving portraits Holbein painted between 1532 and 1533, and that the rest are all members of the Hanseatic League; what it doesn't mention is that this merchant was also a member of the Hanseatic League. See, the Hanseatic League built their own walled trading stations containing their houses, warehouses, weighing house and so on. The one in London was called the Stalhof in German, or Steelyard in English. This merchant didn't work in London's steelyards: he worked in London's Steelyard.

Not that on my recent trip to Visby I spent nearly two hours one evening reading disparate Wikipedia articles about the Hanseatic League or anything...

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