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6:08pm on Wednesday, 12th December, 2012:

Nice and Cold


It was -4°C when I dropped my wife off at the station this morning. It never got above 2°C the whole day. I quite liked it.

I much prefer cold weather to hot weather. I don't like driving on snow and I don't like face-removing wind, but today we didn't have either of these, it was simply cold. I'd take a day like today over a 27°C summer special any time. My reason for this is because it's much easier to warm up to a pleasant temperature when it's cold than it is to cool down to a pleasant temperature when it's hot. Putting on an extra jumper isn't hard; taking off your skin is.

Growing up on the east coast of Yorkshire, it never really got all that warm at the best of times. This may explain why I don't like lying around in the sun, unlike a lot of people. There are temperatures I prefer to 2°C, obviously — 20°C, for example. It's just that from there, I can take a drop of two degrees just as well as a rise of one.

The British climate may have something to do with it. The hottest temperature I've experienced outside was 40°C in Egypt, but it was a dry heat that felt more like 30°C in Britain. That said, I would probably be less affected by a dry cold, too.

Oh, and for those of you who think it would be a good idea to put the UK's clocks to Central European Time, go for a walk outside your house tomorrow at 7:30am. It'll be that cold at 8:30am if you get your way. I'm sure the kids who would have to walk to school in that will thank you.

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