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12:13pm on Wednesday, 11th April, 2012:

Off to the Shop


My car was taken away to be repaired today. I was given a replacement courtesy car to use while they replace the door on the old one and do lots of unnecessary work to the rest of it.

The replacement is a Mitsubishi Colt. It's not all that big, but quite spacious in the front seats (gawd knows what it's like in the back ones). It has a slack excuse for a handbrake and the steering is badly tracked to it pulls to the sides a little, but that's probably just this particular car, not the whole range.

Whenever you get a courtesy car or hire care for any length of time in the UK, they always give you it with about a quarter of a tank of petrol in it. I suspect that this is because they expect honest, upright citizens to fill it up immediately so they can't be accused of ripping off the owners. When the owners get it back, they siphon off the excess so there's a quarter of a tank left, then rinse and repeat. Because I want to trick people into thinking I'm an honest, upright citizen, the first thing I did with this courtesy car was drive it to Sainsbury's so I could fill it up with petrol after buying mid-week shopping stuff (ie. a loaf of the one type of bread my wife currently likes, which they don't do anywhere else like they do it at Sainsbury's).

So, I checked before going to the filling station where the fuel cap was (it was on the left) so I wouldn't look an idiot by stopping on the forecourt and not knowing where it was. Indeed, I didn't look an idiot an idiot for that reason on the forecourt. I looked an idiot for not knowing how to open the fuel cap and not knowing what kind of fuel (unleaded or Diesel) to put in it. I pulled assorted levers, managing to open the boot successfully, but eventually I had to phone the body shop and ask where the fuel cap lever was. It was on the floor next to the door.

Once I'd paid, I was getting back into the vehicle when someone else who had just filled up informed me that the bonnet was open.

It'll probably be Monday next week before I get my own car back.

I wish I hadn't left the remote control for the garage door in it.

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