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1:09pm on Saturday, 10th March, 2012:



Yesterday, I reconditioned an old photo frame my mother gave me. Unlike normal people, my mother manages to wear out photo frames; as a result, she wants the old one back to replace another one that's coming to pieces.

Anyway, in the course of reconditioning the photo frame, I managed to stick a bunch of splinters in my fingers. I pulled a big one out of my left middle finger at the time, but this morning woke to find two more. One is on my right-hand middle finger, where there is a lump that hurts when I put pressure on it; the other is on my left index finger, where I can see it but it doesn't hurt at all.

My other fingers are fine except my right index finger, which is very sore. Annyingly, there is no sign of any splinter in it at all. It doesn't hurt differently under pressure and visual inspection with a magnifying glass shows nothing.

I wonder if it's some kind of inverse acupuncture, and I feel as if I have a pin stuck in it because I have Low Energy Levels or something?

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