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8:05pm on Friday, 7th September, 2012:

Internet Access


Hmm, looks as if I won't be uploading QBlog for a while:

It's been like that for two hours.

The worst of this system they have for Internet use is that if you don't formally log off, they keep charging until they notice you've gone. When my daughter logged off, it told her she'd used something like 2 million minutes at a cost of $N dollars (ah, PHP). She could still be logged in. If she is, it could be eating up all her premaid minutes. Alarmingly, when you do run out of minutes they don't switch off access, they simply keep charging at the ad hoc 75c-a-minute rate. For all I know, I could be being charged right now and I can't even access the Internet.

It's almost worth setting my mobile phone to roaming and using it as an uplink. Almost...

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