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2:28pm on Wednesday, 7th March, 2012:



It was taking longer and longer for the water to flow out of our bath, so eventually my younger daughter badgered me into trying to clear out the mess of hair and soapy slime that was blocking it. I took the plug out and gave it a shot, but I couldn't get any of my special pieces of drain-cleaning equipment round the U-bend. I had a vague recollection that the pipe configuration was in a state of "will work unless touched", so opened up the side of the bath to look: my assessment was confirmed. I screwed back the plug, carefully aligning it so the pipe was (under tension) directly beneath the hole in the bath, and we went for plan B: chemical attack.

My wife bought a couple of bottles of drain-cleaner from Sainsbury's that probably only avoid contravening weapons treaties on a technicality. The sell-by date looked to be an indication of how long it would take for the contents to eat through the bottle. She emptied one of these bottles into the drain and left it. I figured that it was supposed to be left for some time limit — 15 minutes or something — but no, my wife wanted her money's worth. It was there for 3 days.

Yesterday, my younger daughter decided to wash her hair over the bath. The water flowed. It flowed out of the bath, out through the U-bend, onto the plasterboard of the ceiling of the room below. There, it ran down until it reached the lighting fixture, whereupon it pooled and dripped into the room where my wife was happily watching TV. It created a metre-long crack in the plaster and dripped through that, too.

Then, it shorted out the lights and tripped our trip switch. All the electricity in the house went off.

I managed to isolate the errant circuit, so now we have power again except for the downstairs lights. Once it's all dried out, I'll risk turning it on again.

Yet when I told my SW:TOR guild mates why I'd gone offline during an operations boss fight, no-one believed me.

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