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4:33pm on Monday, 5th November, 2012:

Listen Again


Today's CE317 lecture was the first not to be teaching any Lua, so the students were looking forward to it. I, however, was dreading it. Its subject matter is the genesis of virtual worlds, which means a lot of it concerns me personally. I really don't like self-aggrandisement, but like it or not I have to mention myself. Fortunately, it's just for this one lecture.

It's weird being a footnote in the history of MMOs. It's especially weird given that (in line with my predictions) MMOs are becoming so watered-down and thin that they themselves are in danger of becoming footnotes in the history of computer games, much as text adventures are.

Still, while people have reasons to discuss the olde dayes of online worlds, I'm happy to participate. I can, for example, look back to a time when if someone playing a virtual world said they were female in real life, there was no reason to doubt them.

This explains how come I was interviewed for episode 2 of BBC Scotland's documentary series, Hunting Mr Hyde, which aired yesterday.

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