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11:03am on Friday, 5th October, 2012:

House of Packs of Cards


Last year, when I set my CE317 students an assignment that involved writing a Lua program to play Besikovitch's Game, I made the I-should-have-seen-it-coming discovery that many of the students studying computer games don't possess a pack of cards. To remedy this situation, I though this year I'd buy some cheap sets in bulk, so they've no excuse for not owning a set. I bought 100 packs on eBay at the exceedingly good-value rate of 15p a pack.

I can see why they're 15p a pack: they're themed, but cover themes of little general interest. Packs based on the Pakistani, South African and New Zealander teams from the 1999 Cricket World Cup are not going to sell in volume these days. Likewise, the 1997 Arsenal squad isn't the draw it once was. The crop circles cards aren't too bad, and the let's-put-dares-on-each-card packs are decent quality (albeit the dares include things like going on a foreign holiday — "OK, be right back"). There are some packs promoting SR2, whatever that is, and four nice ones in tins with pictures of busby-wearing guardsmen on the back.

OK, well that means that when I do give away the packs to my students, they'll have some incentive to go buy some better ones...

One great thing about buying 100 packs of playing cards is that I can do this:

Not bad. It only took me four attempts. Pro-tip: do it on a flat surface, not on the carpet.

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