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3:40pm on Thursday, 4th October, 2012:



Today was the start of charging to use the parking facilities at Essex University, which is to say you get to park your car on some plastic webbing buried beneath a layer of mud. Here's my ticket:

This is not good news. The tickets are longer than they were previously (by about the length of the word "reminder"), which means fewer can be issued by a machine before it runs out of paper. Because we're all having to park in areas that aren't intended for car parking (while they build the new multi-storey car park), almost all of us have a choice between only machines — the ones closest to where we're parking. These will be heavily used, so are in danger of running out of till reel anyway; the fact that the tickets are longer just makes things worse.

Of course, I've no idea how long a reel normally lasts so this could just mean the difference between refilling them every 9 days and every 8 days or something...

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