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3:54pm on Monday, 2nd April, 2012:



As I have a few weeks of World of Warcraft subscription left before my account dies, it occurred to me to see how much I'd played it. Ignoring the many characters I'd started and deleted over the years, the final figures for /played are:

Polly (mage)      76d 14h 11m 54s
Mareigh (paladin) 67d 15h 27m  9s
Leine (warlock)   54d 19h 40m 29s
Luceigh (rogue)   16d 21h 26m 58s
Mardin (priest)    9d  1h 44m  2s

In total, that comes to about 225 days.

Yeah, I probably don't need to play it any more.

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