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12:46pm on Saturday, 1st September, 2012:

A Shopping First


Our trip to Sainsbury's this morning was pretty normal except for two events.

The first event was when the scan-and-go system stopped working and our handset rebooted. When it came back, we checked it had caught the last thing we scanned (it had) and so continued.

The second event was when it came to pay for our shopping. The total came to around a quarter of what we were expecting to pay. Looking at the receipt, it wasn't for our shopping. Some of the things on it we had indeed picked up, but other things we hadn't (nor ever would). It was like some kind of Star Trek transporter accident of shopping, where our usual list had been mushed together with someone else's list to give a foul abomination.

We could have walked out of the shop at this point, but being the honest people we are we went to Customer Service and explained the situation. The chief CS rep had never seen anything remotely similar to it before. Handsets are tied to the Nectar card they're registered to; the receipt gave the number of my Nectar card; therefore, it was my card that was associated with that scanner. Only, I hadn't scanned that stuff with my scanner.

I'm sure that the fact our handset rebooted was a factor, but the CS rep was in something of a panic about it. She'd never encountered or heard of such a problem before and was going to be on the phone to HQ straight afterwards to find out if this was a known problem or a new one. I asked her if she could name it after us.

Of course, if we'd walked out of the shop having paid £27 for a £108 shop, it would have turned out to be part of some Channel 4 documentary on honesty; either that, or some kind of trickery for a Derren Brown special...

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