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2:38pm on Thursday, 1st March, 2012:



I almost had to call a lecture today. I had a lot of slides to get through, so set off at 11am on the dot despite the fact that there were only 13 students present of the 44 registered. Unfortunately, that was also the time that the guy in the room upstairs with the drill started work.

The room I teach CE317 in is deep in the bowels of the university. It's noisy there at the best of times as it's below the post room, but I got moved there when so many students switched from CEtoohardmakesbrainhurt to CE317 that there wasn't enough space for them in the altogether more aggreeable accommodation we had originally. Today, though, it was a nightmare. I shouted up at the guy with the drill, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

I soldiered on, though, and think I probably managed to get most of my points across. You'd have thought, though, that someone whose job involves drilling holes in walls at a university would have encountered before the problem of making so much noise that the lecturers in adjacents rooms can't be heard by their students. Maybe they have encountered it and their solution is to ignore it on the basis that tra la la they can.

I'm still annoyed by the incident, so much so that I may even install Ubuntu as a dual-boot partition on my home PC without backing up said PC first.

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